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Second Quarter 2014 Newsletter


We had a very successful Volunteer Appreciation tea on May 22nd and it was wonderful being able to see so many of you. The new format permitted us time to share new ideas and provided everyone the opportunity to visit with old friends and make new ones. We received many positive comments and will be working on new patterns to share with you next year. A big "thank you" to all who played a part in producing this event.


In June our chapter reached a milestone of major proportions . Without the hard work of each of you we would not have reached this mark. Pat yourselves on the back and help our chapter move on to the next plateau. To date we have given out 50,167 blanket hugs.


Through the generous efforts of Anne Ogg, who has donated her time and talents, we now have a new web site. I am anxious for each of you to check it out and let me have your feedback. It is a work in progress so I look forward to having your input as to new items that should be included. Go to PROJECTLINUS.ORG and click on chapters, click on NC, click on WNC and you will find the icon for our web site.


We added a new drop off site in Hendersonville. This is in addition to Grace Lutheran Church to whom we are so grateful for allowing us to drop off donations there.

The new location is Joann Fabrics in the Blue Ridge Mall. Please take your donation to the cutting counter.

Whenever you are leaving a donation at any of our sites we ask that you remember to include your name and address with the blanket.


We deliver blankets to children birth to 18 years of age who are seriously ill or are going through some type of trauma. If you wish to make the smaller size blankets we are encouraging you to make them NO smaller than 36" X 45" and up. The medical community has told us that due to a rise in Sudden Infant Deaths (SIDS) infants should be placed in their cribs without toys or blankets. Babies grow so quickly that by the time they can have a blanket in the crib they are certainly ready for the size blanket referenced above.


If you would like to receive our newsletter even on the quarters that your fingers have taken a rest, we need your email address and we will send one to you electronically. Send your request to Helen McConnell at


Janet Stewart, Connie and Herb Stanfield, and I recently experienced five wonderful days in Normal, IL attending the National PL Conference. My wish is for each of you to attend an event like this if at all possible. We had the opportunity to learn so many new things and return with so many new ideas: patterns, quilt blocks, gift ideas, and so much more. We were surrounded by folks who were just as enthusiastic as we were. The next conference will be in June of 2016, once again in Normal. Start putting your loose change in a jar and when it is time to register you will be one step ahead.


One of the speakers at National Conference was Dolly Mercer, The Consumer Promotions and National Events Manager for Golden Corral Restaurants. The Restaurant chain sponsors camps annually at various locations around the country that provide a week of camp for children of military parents who have been wounded or lost in action. This provides the opportunity to spend a week in camp with other children who are experiencing the same loss or trauma. I am sure that many of you remember last year when we provided 100 blankets to a Camp Corral that was held in Swannanoa. The next camp in NC is this July 6 in King. We have committed to providing blankets to the 250 kids that are expected. We are partnering with the Chapters from Knoxville, Charlotte, and Hickory. Our share is 75 blankets and knowing you our "blanketeers" that shouldn't be a problem. Husband Gene and I will be driving them to King. Meeting the coordinators from all the other chapters is another plus we gained from Conference.


We returned from Conference with new regulations regarding the distribution of the weighted blankets. We can only take an order from a physician or a clinician, no longer an individual parent. More importantly, we can no longer stuff the blankets. It is to be left up to the individual health care provider to determine the best weight for their client. I want to thank all of you who have been so dedicated in collecting the used bed linen that we have used the last four years. If you still have a bag of linen that you wish to donate, I will pass it on with the blanket shell when I make a delivery; however, from now own just say no to the used linen.






A.C. Moore Craft Store

River Ridge Shopping Center


Grace Lutheran Church

1245 Sixth Avenue, West

Joann Fabrics of Hendersonville

Blue Ridge Mall

1800 Four Seasons Blvd.

(leave at the cutting counter)

Mars Hill

Make It With Yarn

635-6 Carl Eller Road


In Out

April 385 284

May 428 284

June 375 324

Quarter Totals: 1,188 892

With these latest numbers, our local chapter has now distributed 50,167 blankets!

Number of knitted dolls donated and distributed this quarter: 262

Weighted blankets donated to date: 579


Chapter Coordinator

Ellen Knoefel 828-645-8800

Buncombe County Contact

Sharon Waltman 828-645-7190

Cherokee, Clay, and Graham County Contact

Pat Carman 828-321-4172

Haywood County Contact

Mariam Howell 828-456-5154

Henderson County Contact

Helen McConnell 828-890-3067

Jackson and Macon County Contact

Ellen Knoefel 828-645-8800

Madison County Contact

Sandy Burns 828-734-1261

Mitchell County Contact

BettyAltman 828-765-2526

Transylvania County Contact

Pat Crawford 828-883-8746

Yancey County Contact

Asta Jeffcoat 828-682-4373

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