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Project Linus Knit and Crochet along

In the past few years we have held a Quilting Mystery Challenge. We felt It was time to offer that fun to those who knit and crochet. 

How this will work.


Starting Feb. 23, 2019 you can sign up to join the knit-and-crochet-along by clicking on the link on our website. Every two weeks beginning March 2nd we will release a new part of the pattern. The pattern has 5 parts and at the end of the 10 weeks we will have the Big Reveal!


This challenge is a fundraiser for Project Linus. The donation of $15 you will receive the pattern to make a complete blanket. You can choose the Knit pattern or the crochet pattern. If you choose to do both they are $15 each. You can designate a chapter for receive those funds. The blanket is yours to keep or you can donate it back to Project Linus.


Please join us on our Facebook page “Project Linus Knit and Crochet Along”, (not required) where you can meet other participants, get help and show pictures of your progress as we go along. 







Patty Gregory

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