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Project Linus Make a Blanket Day!
Saturday, April 15, 2023, 10am-2pm

Lutheran Church of the Nativity

2425 Hendersonville Road, Arden

Join in the rewarding experience of making blankets for special children who need that blanket "hug"

Fleece will be provided for those that like to work with that medium. Knitters and crocheters, bring your own projects to work on if you wish to work on quilts, bring your sewing machines. Kits will be provided.

Lunch will be provided. You will need to let us know if you are bringing a sewing machine!

A RESERVATION IS A MUST! Email or call 828-645-8800



                                               In        Out 

October                                   364        332

November                                332        313

December                                377        446

Third Quarter Totals                1,073    1,091

With these latest numbers our chapter has now distributed 88,057 blankets! Number of knitted dolls and stuffed animals donated and distributed this quarter:  182 Weighted blankets donated to date:  1,379

Helping Children in Need At Project Linus, a non-profit organization, we provide homemade blankets to children in need. Our blankets are lovingly made by adults and children from all walks of life and many different sources.

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