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1st Quarter Newsletter, March 2021


As I look out and see the trees showing their beautiful colors and the flowers in bloom, I feel the hope in the air. So many of you have had your vaccinations and this means we are closer to getting back to normal.

Our blanket inventory has grown considerably during this past year thanks to your generosity. Special thanks to Janet Stewart for putting together a large list of possible agencies in Buncombe County that might wish to receive Project Linus “hugs”. I still am trying to find the time to contact all of them but the ones that I have called were delighted to hear about our mission. This made me realize that we need to do a better job in getting the word out as to exactly what we represent. Janet’s work along with Addie Hoffman’s diligence of picking up 100 blankets a month to deliver to the facilities that she has taken under her care, to the county contacts who have started reaching out to new agencies, and the fact that some of the facilities that have been closed are now starting to reopen this is helping get these donations out of storage and into the hand of a child. Mary Ledbetter who this year has taken McDowell County recently delivered to five agencies, three which were new. I still ask each of you to help pass the word on exactly what our blankets can mean. “The best kind of sleep under heaven above is under a blanket handmade with love”. You are a wonderful active group of “blanketeers” who volunteer in many ways, reach out to these groups, and see if they would like blankets. Contact your place of worship, we know that they work with families in stress daily and a blanket that they have on hand might bring much comfort to a child.

Our donations do not have to be given in quantity, one at a time can give lots of comfort. It is difficult to know when an accident has involved an individual, or a child has lost a parent, or serious illness is affecting a family. If you will hear of a need, let me know and we will work on getting you the blankets so that you can deliver them.

I have been in touch with the staff at the Lutheran Church of the Nativity and they are anxious to have us back we are looking at the first Wednesday of June as a target date. It will be necessary for you to have had your shots and masks and social distancing will be in place. There will also be a limit as to how many, so a reservation will be necessary. Once I know more details, I will ask Ennis and Helen to send out an email. Until then, see you the first Wednesday in May.


As each of you have experienced, life certainly can present us with challenges that we did not expect to have to deal with. I have not been spared this and have come to realize that I am going to have to make some difficult decisions to simplify life at this time. I am reaching out to each of you with the hope that there are those who will wish to learn more about the operation of this wonderful organization and will be willing to step to the plate to become more involved. It is one of the most rewarding experiences that you can have. But I do know that there comes a time when you most move on.


For the first time in several years, we are starting to get requests for small size blankets. A reminder that they should be no smaller than 36” x 45”, So, as you sew, you might want to include a small size in your donation. Weighted blanket requests are also changing. Larger sizes are being requested, as you make the larger size remember to choose a fabric that would be more suitable for an older child. As schools open, counselors are seeing teens with difficulty making the move back into the public scene. Check all your blankets for pins. Do not use any scented fabric detergent or dryer sheets.


We have received some wonderful donations of fabric, cottons that would make perfect quilts. Another large donation was designer fabric sample pieces of different sizes. These will not be suitable for PL quilts but would make beautiful throw pillows, purses etc. If you would like to work with these fabrics, you can call me, and we will work out how to get the fabric to you. Perhaps you might know of a group that works with textiles and if so, let them know about the designer fabric.


This special bookstore, located at 50 Heritage Park Drive in Fletcher, is a blessing to so many nonprofits in our area. As many of you know, they accept used books in good condition in the name of a specific charity. When the books sell, a percentage of the sale goes back to the charity. Project Linus has received over $5000.00 since the inception of Book for Good. I received an email from them letting me know that PL was in the top ten of highest payouts to charities and that we might like to visit their website:, click on charities, to see the rankings.

They receive many donations and can only accept one box of books at a time. Their hours are 12-5 Monday-Friday and 10-2 on Saturday. Please help them out by stopping by the store and encouraging others to do the same.


Judy Spencer wanted to share a new “find”. This liquidation Center is located at 18 Sterling Place in Mills River. They sell a little of everything, but the bargain is skeins of yarn for .99. When I drove out to see what Judy ‘s excitement was all about, the yarn selection was down (Judy took it all), but I was told they are always getting new deliveries.


The no-sew fleece blankets have become so popular and we love them, but I do have to remind you that it is a must that the selvage edge be cut off before finishing the blanket.

It is not necessary to you double layers to make the blankets. You can use those same two pieces of fabric and get two blankets. The doubled layer becomes very heavy.



JoAnn Fabric and Craft Store

80 S Tunnel Road

Asheville Cotton Company

1378 Hendersonville Road STE B


Grace Lutheran Church (currently closed)

1245 Sixth Avenue West

JoAnn Fabric and Craft Store

Blue Ridge Mall Shopping Center

Sheridan Kay Quilting

1680 Spartanburg Highway


5 Little Monkeys Quilt and Sew

32 North Main Street


In Out

January 317 557

February 472 367

March 239 387

First Quarter Totals 1028 1311

With these latest numbers our chapter has now distributed 80,274 blankets!

Number of knitted dolls and stuffed animals donated and distributed this quarter: 146.

Weighted blankets donated to date: 1,345.

Nationally, Project Linus has donated 8,560,099 blankets since we started in 1995.

Attn: Ellen Knoefel 10 Highland Pointe Drive

Weaverville, NC 28787

Phone (home) 828-645-8800

(cell) 828-231-9490

At age 4 success is not piddling in your pants

At age 12 success is having friends

At age 17 success is have a driver’s license

At age 35 success is having money

At age 50 success is have money

At age 70 success is having a driver’s license

At age 75 success is having friends

At age 80 success is not piddling in your pants.


Chapter Coordinator

Ellen Knoefel 828-645-8800

Buncombe County

Ennis Julian 702-499-3567

Cherokee, Clay, and Graham Counties

Ellen Knoefel 828-645-8800

Haywood County

Mariam Howell 828-456-5154

Henderson County

Helen McConnell 828-779-0361

Jackson and Macon Counties

Ellen Knoefel 828-645-8800

Madison County

Nancy Fish 828-768-1344

McDowell County

Mary Ledbetter

Mitchell County

Janet Jackson 661-319-8286

Transylvania County

Pat Crawford 828-883-8746

Yancy County

Susan Yaskin


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